When will the calls be?

The first three months are power-packed with 10 weekly calls. We will meet virtually for two hours to dive deep into the content and the challenges you may experience. For the remaining three months, we meet once a month. Each person will receive individualised guidance and action steps to take in order to heal, grow, and evolve.

You’ll also receive two highly-personalised 1-hour mentorship sessions in which I'll help you to break free from the deep rooted constraints that have held you back from transforming your potential into reality. Your first 1:1 will be during the first three months of the program, and the second 1:1 during the last three months.

We will meet on Thursdays from 7AM-9AM GMT+02:00 (Europe) / 1pm-3pm GMT+08:00 (Bali).


Do I have to attend the calls? 

Yes. The program is built around each member individually so you need to be present at each call. Also for the integrity of the group and other members everyone needs to be present on each call.


How much time do I need to invest?

We work through the program over the course of 6 months, each group session is 120mins and I recommend between 1-2 hours per week to reflect and work on your assignments. The more focus and dedication you put into this program, the more you’ll get out of it.

Other factors that affect the results of this program are:

  • Your overall clarity and how quickly you make decisions.
  • Your current level of self-awareness and vulnerability.
  • Your overall willingness to take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Your willingness to integrate the insights, resources and tools.
  • Your willingness to complete the assignments. 

    To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Self-actualization is not a 6-month, linear event. This program mirrors the reality of life — it’s intense, time-consuming, demanding and something you’ll have to take responsibility for. 


What if I sign up and need / want to drop out?

Once you've paid and committed and you need to cancel for any reason you’ll be responsible for paying the full program cost. I do this because the integrity of the group is paramount so if you’re committing to the process you need to be 100% in.


Who’s right for this program?

From The Core is for determined individuals.

This program is beloved by determined individuals, from entrepreneurs to influential individuals, for its depth, structure and, above all, its ever-lasting ripple effect. However, it’s not for everyone. This program is only right for you when you are ready and open to commit to changing behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that are the causation of these major challenges or (inner)conflicts in your life, business or relationship(s).

This includes a highly focused approach, the humbling inner-work and weekly one-to-one sessions. 


Who’s not right for this program?

From The core isn’t right for those:

  • Who are fully content in their business, personal, social and spiritual lives.
  • Who are not willing to face their personal barriers, and make life-changing decisions.
  • Who are looking for an easy money scheme or quick results program. It’s a ‘get great over a long period of time’ program.
  • Who hope to learn by osmosis. It’s for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time.
  • Who value money over meaning. It’s for people who have (or about to create) a vision beyond money, popularity and status. 

Disclaimer: From The Core is intentionally unaccredited and informal. If you need a certificate of completion, badge or official course credits, this program is not for you. 


How much is the investment?

The investment for the program starts at $4.500,- (USD).


Can I Pay In Installments?

Unfortunately, there are no payment plans offered for this program.


What If I Have Another Question Not Listed Here?

Write to me at hello@jordcuiper.com and I’ll answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

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