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The Guy Behind

The Guy Behind

The Guy Behind

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About Jord

Pleasure To Meet You

I’m Jord, a Specialist in the Psychology of Self-Actualisation, with over eight years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and executive coaching.

From a young age, I’ve had an infinite drive to explore the unconventional road. A combination that has shown me the outer edges of the spectrum.

From playing top sport and building a fast-growing startup company, to walking the road of failure, the crossover of my best friend, and a severe health crisis.

Ever since my recovery, my mission has been to help individuals resolve the beliefs, behaviours and strategies that are separating them from becoming what they have the potential to be.

As humans, leaders, partners and parents.

On this mission, I’ve spent 2500+ hours coaching entrepreneurs and other influential individuals, worked together with leading industry experts and got invited to share my story in media publications, a book, on podcasts and various stages.

It would be an understatement to say that the path of self-actualization has been the most rewarding experience in both my personal and professional life.

What Sets Me Apart

What distinguishes me is my infinite drive to make sense of the challenges that we face in today's busy and overstimulated world.

However, the reasons people choose to work with are:

I embody my teachings.

I am who I have the potential to be, a coach & thought leader.

I have an evidence-based approach that repeatedly helped others.

As For My Qualifications?

I’ve been privileged to be taught, guided and inspired by leading experts in their field, such as Laurence Heller PhD, Brad Kammer LMFT, Nacho Cano, Nicole Schneider, Gabor Mate MD, Bessel van der Kolk MD, Kathy Kain, Ray Daylio, Andrew D. Huberman Ph.d and Adam Grant. 

In my approach I seek to combine evidence-based research with the wisdom of my lived experiences and teachings that have been passed on by my teachers. 

As for qualifications? I hold my BA in Business Admin, I’m a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, a Trauma-Informed Professional and I passionately keep up with the latest studies in Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience.

4 Hard-Won Lessons That Helped Me Make The Shift

Neglecting my needs and values for the sake of outward success, helped me to discover my repressed desire for acceptance and approval by others. Restoring my self-worth empowered me to move towards performance from a place of authenticity and wholeness.

The crossover of my best friend Dennis revealed my feelings of shame around having ‘heavy’ emotions and being ‘too much’ or a burden to other people. Growing my capacity to be in touch with my emotions helped me to regain my life force and establish more meaningful connections with others.

Falling prey to tricks and violations of manipulative people forced me to look at my impaired capacity for acknowledging my own needs and setting appropriate boundaries. Deepening my self-awareness and expanding my capacity to express myself has empowered me to create life, business and relationships that are aligned with my integrity and values.

A nearly fatal breakdown that forced me to step down as the CEO of my start-up company uncovered my attachment to the identity of the extreme entrepreneur. Being a ‘nobody’ allowed me to reclaim with my individuality and reconnect the things, people and activities that truly matter to me.

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