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Trusted by 400+ entrepreneurs & business leaders:

you know something needs to change, yet

you feel uncertain about which decisions are right for you, let alone take appropriate action.

The clients I’ve worked with found that

by breaking free of unconscious barriers and reclaiming their power they…

  • Moved through the obstacles and fears that held them back for weeks, months, years...

  • Broke free from the constraints of who and where they thought they 'should' be.

  • Gained a new perspective of what matters; their values, vision, goals and priorities.

  • Faced their challenges and shadows head on and stepped away knowing they have got what it takes.

  • Felt more grounded, engaged and present in life and relationships.

    Took their big leap, increased their earning power, got or freed themselves from 'the job', travelled the world, moved countries, met their life partner..

  • Found a deeper, more fulfilling, kind of success.

Here's what's possible...

My client Anton kept his highly-ambitious job AND fulfilled his dream of travelling SE Asia.

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A Ukrainian-born American and highly driven man in his mid-thirties, Anton hit a peak in his career after achieving a highly sought-after Product Manager role at Facebook. But when he reached the milestone, he didn’t feel as happy as they thought he would. He felt stressed, lost, and uncertain about what he really wanted in life.

I helped him to uncover how his beliefs and fears kept him stuck. Together we reconstructed his value system and implemented boundaries, along with foundational practices to reclaim his energy, confidence and strength to do what he feared most… protecting his time, energy, and focus.

After working together, Anton started to reclaim control over his days, weeks, and life. Now, he takes on less but accomplishes more, prioritising things that bring him joy and fulfilment. As a result, he applied for a new, better suited job within Facebook and was relocated to Singapore (from Seattle), allowing him to fulfil his long-awaited dream to explore more of SE Asia.

Alexandra achieved business and financial breakthroughs after working together without sacrificing her adventurous spirit.

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Alexandra Saper was a recovering lawyer at a high-powered firm who became a content creator, travel blogger (with over 100K followers) and self-empowerment coach for women. 

Alexandra started working with me during a challenging season in her life. She felt defeated after many months of walking into walls with business and repeating old relationship patterns that she thought were left in the past. She felt lost, unfulfilled and unable to break the cycle. 

After discovering the cracks in the foundations of her self-worth that were feeding into the dysfunction she was experiencing, she experienced business breakthroughs and financial growth, healthy and secure relationships, renewed self-confidence, and a new-found trust in her intuition. 

After working with me, she launched a new group program for her business (a retreat in Bali) while she reclaimed her adventurous spirit and spread her wings travelling to dream destinations around the world.

Duco improved relationships, reunited with his partner and implemented innovative solutions in business to help him work abroad.

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Duco Vermeulen, a 30-year-old serial entrepreneur, noticed a change in himself after his father became ill. He had become destructive and closed off from his environment, pushing his partner away. His breakup was the wake-up call he needed to change. However, he felt scattered, out of control, stuck and unclear on how to move forward.

Together we worked through the 6 pillars of my signature framework to face and break free from patterns that caused the chaos and dysfunction in his life and relationships. Duco reclaimed his power and developed the foundational awareness and skills that now allows him to live, lead, create, and relate from his core… growing into the man he’s capable of becoming.

Now Duco feels more grounded, present, and confident in his life, business and relationships. He has created a new way of running his business, allowing him to spend double the time working abroad.

And he got back with his partner.

Three ways to work with me:

1:1 Intensive

90 Minutes

Book a 1:1 call to overcome stagnancy, confusion, and indecisiveness in a single session. We will work through the one big thing holding you back so you can walk away with clarity, direction, and confidence.


Private Mentorship

3-6 Months

Embark on an intensive 1:1 journey with me to unlock your power and reclaim your leadership for ultimate freedom, growth, and success.


Group Mentorship

6 Months

Join my exclusive membership program for high-achievers ready to end self-sabotage and take charge of your growth, direction and success in life.


The 6-step process

I’ll guide you through a highly transformational and impactful system designed to give you the insight and tools needed to step into a new era of you — one that is aligned with who you are and what you came here to do.

What sets this program apart from so many others out there is that it's designed around you and your unique challenges. While there is a structure that we follow, it's more of of an outline than anything rigid. This allows the group to adapt and give each participants what he/she truly needs to grow and thrive.

Facing Reality


To step into a new era we must first uncover where life is begging you to drop in. Through the process of honest inquiry, we will clarify the focus & direction of our work together, identifying the challenges, the hidden barriers, and what you truly want for yourself.

We address:

  • The main challenge in your life or business.
  • Your current stressors and pain points.
  • The root cause of the challenge you're facing.
  • Your deepest why / heart's desire.

Nurturing resilience


Leading life powerfully requires you to feel clear, confident, and strong. To strengthen your physical, mental and emotional resilience we address and eliminate activities that are causing stress whilst implementing foundational practices such as physical movement, breathwork, boundaries, meditation and sleep.

We delve into:

  • Understanding your triggers & coping mechanisms.
  • Eliminating conflicting responsibilities and activities.
  • Recognising and regulating challenging emotions.
  • Practices for greater clarity, focus, strength & ease.

planting your flag


Embodying your highest values is the single and most crucial aspect of self-leadership. To establish a foundation that reflects who you are we will question what you've held as true, right and important, and rediscover what it means to live, work and lead from your core.

We Establish:

  • Your unique - rock-solid - hierarchical value system.
  • Actionable principles to support & guide you.
  • A system to assess and improve your personal integrity.
  • Supportive habits, practices & non-negotiables.

Breaking free


You’ve laid the groundwork, but becoming self-led requires you to develop the awareness and skills to override your initial fear-based responses that are trying to keep you ‘safe’. Using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), we’ll explore and integrate the unconscious parts that have held you back for month, years, or even decades.

We Work on:

  • Embracing your deep-rooted fears and insecurities.
  • Integrating the disowned parts or your personality.
  • Making the hard but necessary, value-based, changes.
  • Resolving the mental and emotional barriers.
  • Developing a deep level of 'earned' confidence.

heading north


The recipe for long-term success and fulfilment is to be driven by your values, while being pulled by a vision that reflects who you are and what you came here to do. Based on your new-found awareness we'll form your Northstar, break it down into realistic steps and implement systems that enable you to move forward with clarity, confidence and direction.

We define:

  • Your guiding North Star.
  • Realistic short-term goals.
  • Internal & external obstacles on your path.
  • Strategies for long-term progression.

becoming self-led


The final step is to show up, stick to your word and do what you know is right, even when it’s difficult, hard, unpopular or scary. During this phase, I will guide and empower you to deal with the obstacles and challenges on your path so you can learn and transform into the vital, free and self-led person you're capable of being.

We advance:

  • Executing goals and managing priorities.
  • Developing and harnessing resilience.
  • Navigating internal & external obstacles.
  • Managing conflicts & distractions.
  • Self-reflection, accountability and refinement.

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Freedom to

live how you want.

Confidence to

own your story.

Strength to

give what it takes.

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