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I’m not overemphasizing when I say that every committed client I've worked with has been able to actualize the disowned parts of their potential that stopped them from 'that' next level in business, without having to abandon themselves, their health or their relationships. 

Most of them 'gave their all' to reach the summit of their so-called first mountain —  the ego ideal that reflects how they would like to see themselves. Yet, on the inside, they felt empty, restless and unsure about which decisions are right for them and their future.

Where to next? How to go higher? Can I really give more? 
Is this really what I'm doing it for?

A breaking-point at which they started to realise that their current beliefs and strategies were no longer supporting their growth, fulfilment and well-being in life.

If that sounds familiar, I’m inviting you to explore what’s possible when working with me.

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Are You Willing To Find Out What Is True?

The world around us is changing rapidly and many well-intended, intelligent and determined individuals are exploring new ways to ‘keep up’ with their busy and overstimulated lives. 

Chances are, like many others, you have been indulging yourself in the world of self-help books, podcasts, workshops etc.

Whilst all of these activities are logical and often necessary steps, the insights and motivation hardly ever outweigh the subconscious patterns that drive your day to day decisions. 

Your next level of growth may not require you to improve and optimise so that you can 'keep up', as much as it requires you to rethink the beliefs and strategies that are no longer serving you.

A process that asks for radical open-mindedness, along with the willingness to find out what is and isn't true.

Are You Willing To Take Full Responsibility?

The self-help industry has become a noisy place that bombards you with a plethora of holy grails, 1-2-3 methods and quick results programs to becoming or achieving XYZ.

Whilst it’s tempting to buy into such promises, it’s only when we admit what it is that we are up against that we can begin to take appropriate action.

Action that will be life-changing.

Without resolving the beliefs, blindspots and defence mechanisms that are at the root of your challenges, it can be hard if not impossible to break the cycle of self-sabotaging behaviours and/or dysfunctional relationship dynamics.

And that’s where I come in as a coach, to show you how to achieve 'that' next level of growth in business, without having to abandon yourself, your health and/or your relationship.

Scroll down to read more about Virtue — my 12-week private coaching program.

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private coaching.

Whether you want to excel in business, (re)claim your power, take more leadership, experience more meaning, live more authentically or to start doing what's right for you.

Virtue, my 12-week private coaching program, has proven its power to reverse challenges into an opportunity for transformational growth and meaningful change.

I specifically designed this program to help you navigate the major challenge in your professional life, using your current circumstances as a feedback loop to actualize the disowned parts of your potential.

As your coach, I will provide you with personal guidance and evidence-based resources to help you establish the foundation for ever-increasing levels of success and satisfaction.


You dealt with the major challenge and/or (inner) conflict in your life.

You dealt with the major challenge and/or (inner) conflict in your life.

You have developed the capacity to recognise, observe and evolve out of the subconscious patterns that are the causation of your challenge(s).

You have utilised the repressed parts of your personality that allows you to reclaim your personal power.

You have developed a deep level of self-awareness that empowers you to make decisions that are aligned with your integrity and values.

You have set clear boundaries that allow you to direct your energy and focus towards the elements that serve your growth and well-being the most.

You have revealed radical clarity on your goals and priorities backed by systems that are enabling you to execute consistently on the right strategies.

You have integrated a set of disciplined habits that allow you to feel centred and alive in the present moment.

You leave with the resources and tools to maximise your impact in both your life, business and your relationships.


This Program Offers The Most Exclusive Way To Work With Me.

This program is beloved by hundreds of heart-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders, for its depth, structure and, above all, its ever-lasting ripple effect. 

However, it’s not for everyone. 

Before working with me there are 3 questions that you need to consider. Are you willing to:

1. Find out what's true?
2. Rethink your current beliefs & behaviours?
3. Unlearn the beliefs & behaviours that are standing in the way of actualizing your potential and achieving your goals.

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then this program is not right for you. If, on the other hand, you're up for the challenge of becoming radically open-minded, whilst taking full responsibility, then you are in the right place.

The Investment:
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Here is How Much Time You Will Need

Throughout the course of 12 weeks, you will attend weekly coaching calls (90min) with me, in which we delve into specific topics, unpack patterns and tackle your toughest questions. 

To help you maximize your progress, I specifically designed ‘The Virtus Workbook’ containing 160+ pages of proven methods, tools and growth assignments to help you integrate your learnings and insights. 

I recommend spending at least an hour per week to reflect on the insights and to complete the reflective assignments and, if you’d like, to engage with me as your coach.

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The 6 Pillars To Self-Actualization


Clarifying The Challenge

Together we will identify the primary area of focus that will allow us to address the challenge in question and explore what your life would look like when you reconnect to your deepest why and step into your full power.

We clarify:
● An objective analysis of your circumstances. 
● Your personal stressors and pain points. 
● The underlying cause & effect relationships. 
● The highest (possible) expression of life in this particular area.
● The unintegrated parts of your potential. 
● Your deepest why.


Optimizing Resilience

We will work on identifying and eliminating certain responsibilities, tasks and activities that cause unnecessary stress or anxiety, whilst we implement new habits and routines to improve your health, energy, clarity, adaptability and focus.

We will delve into:
● Patterns of over-giving / over-achieving / over-controlling. 
● Areas where you are neglecting your needs. 
● Eliminating conflicting responsibilities, tasks and activities. 
● Installing habits and routines for greater self-regulation.


Aligning Core Strengths & Values

We will discover the core of your personality, from the way you're wired to the values that drive your decisions each day. You will establish the foundational awareness and skills to make decisions that are in alignment with your core values and competences.

We identify: 
● Your personality type + unique preferences. 
● A construct of your highest-self in this area of life. 
● Actions + system for utilizing your core strengths. 
● Your value system + well-articulated core values. 
● Areas of (inner)conflict + non-negotiables. 
● System for making value-based decisions. 
● Systems for setting and enforcing boundaries.


Envisioning The Desired Future

Based on the insights and learnings, we construct the highest possible expression of your potential and your desired future in this particular area. In addition, you will learn to integrate your highest-self in day-to-day life and construct the foundation to execute your vision. 

We define and integrate: 
● The highest expression of your potential. 
● Methods to optimize your mental and emotional state. 
● Methods to take control over your auto-response. 
● A well-formed North Star. 
● The pathway towards your Northstar. 


Resolving Internal Barriers

To amplify your growth we will unpack your coping patterns, backtrack their origin and resolve the mental and emotional blockages that are holding you back from ‘that’ next or deeper level in life, business or your relationship(s). 

We explore and integrate: 
● The adaptive behaviours that are holding you back.
● The underlying belief and defence mechanisms.
● New behavioural patterns. 
● Systems to recognise and rewire your auto-response.


Integrating Core Capacities

As we move along the pillars we will work through a lot of repressed emotions. In this final we focus on integrating the reclaimed parts of your potential along with setting up systems that allow you to execute consistently on the right strategies.

We integrate methods and tools for: 
● Executing goals and managing priorities. 
● Integrating new behaviours. 
● Coping with (internal) barriers. 
● Self-reflection and refinement.

I’ve tried many different types of therapy, but nobody ever helped me the way Jord did. He showed me how I conditioned myself to stay in survival mode, whilst creating a safe environment for me to explore and unlearn what was no longer serves. This, in combination with the foundational work of establishing values and boundaries, has made it easy to navigate life. Jord has been the biggest support through my panic attacks, re-building relationships with family, and making steps forward in my career.

Lois van der velden
Model & Artists | Canggu, Bali

Working with jord has allowed me to create a personal blueprint for my life. It feels as if the coaching has tapped a row of domino stones in the right direction, which has opened me up to many opportunities; I moved to another country where I now have my dream job, experience less social pressure and where I am surrounded by beautiful nature. It was the best investment In myself for the rest of my life.

Virginie Gols Linthorst
Dentist | Bern, Switzerland

Eye-opening. Jord is extremely dedicated to his cause and knows how to get to the root of the problem. It’s an understatement to say that it has helped me to navigate complex challenges in my business and in establishing the foundation for sustained performance. A must-do for every entrepreneur!

Ben Booterkoper
CEO at CIL China | Guangzhou, China

Jord is a catalyst for positive and lasting change. He helped me to see the cause and effect relationship of the particular challenges that I was dealing with, and, above all, he empowered me to move forward in a new and far more sustainable way. Exceptional coaches understand this and Jord is definitely one of them.

Daan Smit
Founder, Brandfirm & Benksy | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

No pretentious difficult jargon, just real talks based on lived experiences. Jord is compassionate yet extremely direct and powerful in his approach. His guidance, along with the structure of the program, has empowered me to step forward, set boundaries and express my full being among other C-levels. Empowering, to say the least.

Alice Hoes
CPO, H&M New Business | Berlin, German

Jord is honest, direct and really straight forward. Working with him has allowed me to turn my biggest setback into an opportunity for learning and ever-lasting growth. Besides being an extraordinary coach, he is an incredible person that has inspired me to live more wholeheartedly.

Elmar Bonke
COO, Platform 161 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started working with Jord because I was often neglecting my values to please others. I like his approach very much and I feel we really connected, but above all, I am still astounded by the results that I have achieved together with Jord. I am now more aware of my values, why I felt misaligned and what to do about it. I truly believe that Jord could help you achieve more and be more. He certainly helped me!

Frank Smit
COO OBIwan | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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