The first step towards a self-led life

Let’s get real for a moment.

If you hopped aboard hoping I’d spoon-feed you the secrets to a self-led life, then you’re in the wrong place. I’m not in the business of selling magic potions, and even if I were, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

Everyone wants a quick fix, why wouldn’t you?

However, let’s dispel the illusion that the so-called “overnight success” that some self-proclaimed gurus preach will bring you closer to your true potential.

Their step-by-step mental blueprint is just a recipe for keeping you miles away from an authentically self-led life.

If anything, it will only offer you a temporary sense of relief without getting to the core of your issues.

And then, like an addict in search of their next fix — you’ll be looking for the next mindset program, energy healer, spiritual retreat… or whatever else catches your fancy.

I’m here to give you something different.

I’m here to cast a spotlight on those inconvenient truths you’d prefer to avoid. Yet, they’re the obstacles you need to confront to start living a self-led life, bringing you the growth, freedom and peace you’re searching for.

Alright, let’s pump the brakes for a moment and consider what we’re diving into: being self-led. What’s the deal with it?

In my world, self-leadership isn’t some feel-good, airy-fairy concept. It’s about owning the self-awareness and skills necessary to chart your own unique path in life while playing with the cards you’ve been dealt. Not the one you wish you had.

Whether that means accepting reality for what it is and navigating the challenges as they arise from a place of clarity, confidence and strength. Or courageously confronting the blindspots and ego barriers that keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle — obsessing over all the wrong things.

Which is something that I see all the time when my clients first get on a call with me.

The core of their issues are often hidden behind a thick veil of protective layers which are disguised in the form of a lack of motivation, difficulty focusing, and a compulsion to chase the next thing.

This is where they try to convince themselves (and me) that they need to be more disciplined and “do better” in order to reach a certain place in their life where they then, and only then, can afford to prioritise what (or who) truly brings them a sense of joy, fulfilment and aliveness.

The main issue here is that they live under the illusion — the false hope — that once they hit their ‘next’ goal they will reach lasting happiness. Or at least feel confident and free enough to start doing the things that would actually lead to a self-led and more fulfilling life.

But the bitter pill they need to swallow is this: as long as they cling to this illusion, life will keep repeating the same lesson over and over, like a broken record, until they pull their head out of the sand and learn from it.

Which, in a weird, twisted way, is life’s way of inviting us to become self-led. To listen to where life is begging you to drop in more and face it with unwavering abandon.

The million-dollar question is: can we wake up before life decides to ram it down our throats?

Or do our illusions need to be shattered in a humbling encounter with reality, showing up in the form of failure, burn-out, divorce, accidents, depression or disease?

I’m really curious to know your thoughts on this.

Did it take a proverbial slap in the face for you to start doing things differently? Or did you start taking action when you felt the call?

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