How entrepreneurs are breaking free from the unrealistic demands of today's 'always on' culture.

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Based on the foundation of 3500+ hours of coaching I wrote my book “Draw The Line” covering the insights, strategies and tools that have helped both me and hundreds of my clients to transform the way they lead their businesses and live their lives.

It has the power to do the same for you too.

If you're reading this, chances are you've already reached the end of your rope with the mechanism of always needing to be on & available.

Perhaps you've been trying to 'hold on to the old ways' but you are noticing that the more you pull on the rope to hitch yourself up, the more frazzled and frayed it becomes.

You might be wondering; 'Isn't there a better way?'.

Based on the foundation of 4000+ hours of coaching I feel confident in saying that there is a better way.

In my book 'Draw The Line' I cover the insights, case studies, strategies and the tools that have helped both me and hundreds of my private clients to (re)claim their power, decisiveness and joy.

It has the power to do the same for you too.

Inside of this book, I'm going to share with you...


The single most underrated skill that has the power to profoundly change the way you work, lead and live your life.


The most common reason why many professionals cope with depletion, a lack of motivation, trouble with time management, conflict with other people and uncertainty about how to get ahead.


An assessment to help you evaluate the degree to which you are living in alignment with your personal integrity and values.


The 3 most common mechanisms that cause professionals to lose themselves on the sometimes insane and unpredictable roads of today’s busy, demanding and overstimulated world.


60+ reflective exercises to help you rethink your own standards and norms whilst learning how to (re)claim your power, decisiveness and joy.


A proven, 8-step, approach on how to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others, empowering you to speak and live your truth.

Buy the E-book for just $10
From award-winning and internationally respected Integrative Executive Coach, with over 3500+ hours of coaching experience & a plethora of ups, downs, failures & successes to create a book that every entrepreneur should read.
Buy the book for just $10

Reader's word

In a world that’s always ‘on’, setting boundaries is an essential skill. A skill that’s difficult to learn and even harder to master. May this book point you in the right direction, and serve as your practical guide to finding and establishing your own.

Jord’s ability to write in such a clear and direct manner, whilst making you not only feel at ease but understood, is something else. This book will not only change the way you work and live, but perhaps even save you from losing yourself.”

If there’s one thing every entrepreneur should do, it’s read Jord’s book. Draw The Line brought so much (uncomfortable) attention to where I lacked boundaries in my business & has shifted the way I operate both myself and my business. It’s a game-changer.

About Jord

The Guy Behind Draw The Line

I’m Jord, an Integrative Executive Coach, with over ten years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and coaching.

From a young age, I’ve had an infinite drive to explore what it means to be truly alive. A trait that has shown me the outer edges of the spectrum.

From playing top sport and building a fast-growing startup company, to walking the road of failure, loss, the crossover of my best friends, and a severe break down of my health.

After stepping down as the CEO of my company and recovering from my health issues, I committed myself to the path of integrity adhering to what I know at the deepest level is right and true.

A decision that forced me to face my deepest fears and insecurities, but that has given me the opportunity to actualise my potential, whilst establishing myself as a respected executive coach, with clients from 20+ countries, ranging from founders, business owners and other high-impact individuals.

Having witnessed the impact of this work within my own life as well as the lives of hundreds of my clients continues to inspire me to show others how to actualise the best of their human potential.

Dedicating my growth and work to my beloved friends Dennis & Miriam, the most honest and extraordinary people I’ve known (†).

Deep down you know. You know what you need to do. You’ve known all along. Learn to trust yourself and go right through.


Buy the E-book for just $10