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Online Group Workshop | July 16-17th

Are you tired of abandoning yourself in an effort to 'keep up'
or please others?

It’s a rarity as coach to have clients work with me to conquer their people-pleasing tendencies, yet it’s one of the biggest commonalities in personality patterns that I get to work on.

In the 'Reclaiming Authenticity' online group workshop I'll guide you through the framework that has allowed both me and hundreds of my clients to move forward from a place of authenticity and wholeness.

Through interactive group work we will (re)discover the values that drive your everyday decisions, explore the beliefs and defence mechanisms that have been holding you back and delve into the strategies and tools to help you reclaim and express your authenticity.

The best part of this framework is that it can be replicated in any other area, at any other time.

At the end of the worksop:

You have developed your value system, including well-articulated core values for a specific area in your life.

You understand why you have been experiencing (inner)conflict.

You have identified the beliefs and behaviours that have been suppressing your authenticity.

You have identified actionable steps to reclaim &/or express your authenticity.

You have elevated your perspective based on clear values.

You have defined clear non-negotiables.

You have the awareness and tools to start making value-based decisions.

You know where and how to set, express and maintain healthy boundaries.

A process that will empower you to establish the foundational awareness and skills for creating in alignment with your integrity and values.

Join The Inclusive Group of 10 People

Whether you experience difficulties expressing your authenticity in business, your relationship of life in general, this workshop is for anyone who is ready to make the shift.

We will come together with a group of 10 people who are willing to deeply explore themselves, including the beliefs and behaviours that have been holding you from fully claiming and expressing your authenticity.

This includes interactive group work, participation in the exercises, 1-2-1 deep dives, and group discussion.

Disclaimer: This workshop is intentionally unaccredited and informal. If you need a certificate of completion, badge or official course credits, this workshop is not for you.

Investment for the workshop is
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